Kim is a local senior citizen who lives alone here in Lapeer County. She has no remaining family in the local area, she has a very limited income, and was desperate for help.

She called Love INC on December 22nd just before we were closing for the Christmas holiday. I am so glad that I hadn't left yet. She was completely out of propane and the propane company refused to deliver any more until she could pay her back balance. We also had severe weather warnings that were set to last for 3 days, so she was legitimately worried about freezing to death over Christmas.

We were able to reach out to our local partners and get her back balance paid. Then we were able to utilize a couple grants we have from our generous partners and get her an emergency propane delivery.

She called us back after the holiday break just to say how immensely grateful she was to Love INC and to our Awesome God who is her help in times of trouble.

We recently had a young mother of two come to our office in need of a safe place to stay with her children. After months of experiencing severe illness it turned out her rental property had black mold and they needed to leave immediately. Because of the severity of the illness this mom was experiencing she had missed a lot of work and she couldn't afford to stay in a hotel while the mold was being remediated. She and her children were in jeopardy of freezing to death in their car without proper shelter. With the help of our partners we were able to put them in a local hotel (so the kids could continue to go to school), for two weeks while the mold issue was remediated.

Tia is a great example of how important our GAP ministry is here in Lapeer County. She and her three children are currently homeless and staying in temporary shelter here in Lapeer. So far she has been able to get a new job, but came to us looking for help with work clothes and she was asking for a haircut. We don't usually provide haircuts, but as we were talking she relayed the stress she's been under has caused her hair to fall out in clumps. Since her new job is working with the public, a haircut would help her to look more professional and well kept. As part of our GAP ministry we worked with a local salon and were able to get her a new haircut and work clothing from another partner church.


Recently we were honored to receive a call for help from Jay. He is a stage four cancer patient who lives here in Lapeer County. When we met Jay he had been living alone without electricity, heating/cooling or running water for three months. Because of his advanced cancer and treatments he had been unable to work for nearly a year. His modest savings was spent and he had no one to help.

With Jay's limited resources and failing health he had lost hope that things could ever get better, or that anyone cared about him.

With the help of Love INC partners and five other agencies we were able to help Jay. His electric and water have been restored, and his income is now set to meet his needs.

God is not done with Jay yet! There is hope!


Linda is a brave young mother of two who was referred to Love INC by a local shelter. She and her children are domestic violence survivors; she has been trying to escape for seven years.

She came to Love INC of Greater Lapeer looking for help to start her new job and a new life.

We were able to help Linda with new work clothes and shoes, and various items for her children. We were also able to set her up for food and paper products on a monthly basis through our partner churches, until such a time as she will no longer need us.

Linda and her children are going to make it. She is our neighbor and we are honored to serve her family.

Carol & Jeff

Carol and Jeff came to Love INC in need of emergency food and warm clothing for themselves and their children.

Jeff had previously been employed and Carol was able to stay home with their young family. But Jeff was recently in an accident; he is unable to work and is looking at several more surgeries in the near future. He continually needs help with daily things, like showering, getting dressed or making food. He has applied for disability benefits, but has not been approved yet.

Carol is four months pregnant but she is a great example of pressing on despite many difficulties. She has found a job, and is planning on working as long into the pregnancy as she can, all the while caring for Jeff and their small children.

With the help of our local churches and other partners were able to help with emergency food, clothing, coats and boots, and utilities to keep their family warm.

We look forward to seeing the continuing work that God is doing in this beautiful family.

**Names and other identifying information have been changed to protect the privacy of our neighbors in need.**

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